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Yes, you read it correctly … The dork side … of the farce.

It’s a pun. A bad pun.

All due apologies to Stars Wars fans everywhere out there.

In a blog I subscribe to out on Facebook the author (David Gerrold – the creator of Trouble With Tribbles on Star Trek) said:

Yes, I posted a terrible pun. I have been seduced by the dork side of the farce.

It made me laugh … on a day not filled with laugh worthy things … a funeral … a serious business meeting … stink bugs on my favorite leather coat.

So laughter at a pun was definitely the Happy Holly Project happy thing of the day.

I think officially, the pun had something to do with shopping at a mall for Christmas gifts.

Ahh, the Christmas season…I don’t go out shopping at all during December. The local shopping center is filled with valley girls buying all kinds of cheap foreign goods, then they parade out singing, “It’s a mall girl’s NAFTA haul…”

I hate puns. Seriously.

All the way back to the days when I went on my first date with my first husband. Well … my only husband.

On the long trip from the end of the world here to the big city for a concert to be directed by Arthur Fiedler … yes it was that long ago … he was trying to impress me with his snappy wit.

He: Do you know what kind of car this is?
Me: (looking at the ’69 Corvette convertible and enjoying the wind blowing through my hair) Sure, it’s a Corvette.

He: Nah. It’s a Rolls Kenardly.
Me: (Oh no he didn’t) A Rolls Kenardly?

He: Yep. Rolls Kenardly … Rolls down one hill … Kenardly make it up the next. (loud guffaws)
(Was that a rim shot I heard in the distance?)

Me: (stifling a groan … and rethinking this whole date thing) Oh … right … ha ha.

(Note to self: When your gut feeling tells you this is NOT the one for you … trust your gut, not your logical self … or your mothers and brothers opinion.)

So it is with great surprise that I find myself laughing regularly at the puns in the comic strip Pearls Before Swine.  He said he always tempers it with some kind of disparaging comment from one of the other cartoon characters … and that makes it somehow acceptable to the world at large.

So since I am on a pun-ishing path today … allow me to finish with a few of the PBS pun-worthy strips.

It surprises me more that I really like them … and even more that puns are the happiest thing in my life today.

Tomorrow should be better.

I hope.

Enjoy the cartoons … including the ones about the enemy anemones. Some of these he used in his presentation at the Toonseum.