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menorah… and to all a good night … and several days and nights thereafter.

No, I am not Jewish, although my nose is less than perky.

My family is not Jewish, although if you look at my Grandmothers immigration records, she is marked as Hebrew … a point my Mother vehemently denies. That would have made her a Russian Jew instead of a German Lutheran … but I digress.

Some of my friends are Jewish … and not in the “some of my best friends are …” way. I just happen to like people … and some of them happen to be Jewish.

DreidelsWhen my children were small, the two older ones went to the local Jewish Center for preschool.

This was great for them … and I still remember them singing the Dreidel Song.

The best thing about going to an ecumenical preschool in a Jewish facility, at least as far as the children were concerned, was that almost every other day in September through December was a holiday for one religion or another.

In just a few minutes the worlds largest Menorah will be lit in New York City … and the festival of lights will begin.

Now, not being Jewish, I have not the significant background of what the story of Chanukah / Hanukkah really is. I’m thinking that it has something to do with a miracle … and several days duration.

And as you can see I am not even sure of the correct spelling of the holiday. Pretty sure its pronounced with a whole lot of “Chhhhh” though.

Pronunciation notwithstanding, I think I will defer on the storytelling to my friend Andrew Slack … of Harry Potter Alliance / HPA  fame that I have written of here … he is Jewish and does know the various stories.

And here is what he just posted …

Happy and Healthy Chanuka:

And now a message, that I wrote in 2009 and has become an annual tradition!

From my sketch comedy character, Grandpa Irving.

Grandpa Irving: “On this first night of Channukah I shall tell you a tale little ones: …

“One night I awoke with a terrible pain. My Sylvia told me to go back to sleep. But I could not.

For my ass was burning. Burning with Chemroids.

“Don’t worry,” I told myself soothingly. “It will only last ONE night!”

But sure as I accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan I tell you – instead of one night, my ass burned for eight!

“At the end of which, I thanked God for providing me with the one thing that could help.

Preparation Chaish!

“So a chappy and a chhhhhhhhhhealthy Chhannnuchhhha to you and yours!

“Chai Fives all around!!!! (a chai five is a like a high-five but eighteen times better)”

I don’t remember the story quite like that, but who am I to argue?

Happy Hanukkah to everyone who celebrates!