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English: Ponies under holly. A very typical sc...

English: Ponies under holly. A very typical scene in the New Forest – the ponies have tough mouths and happily browse holly – hence the pony-height base to the branches. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… oh … no … not that.

You know, this Happy Holly stuff can be a challenge sometimes.

No puppies, kittens or ponies anywhere here … nothing.

The whole idea of this blog was for me to do something every day … on purpose … for no reason other than to make myself happy.

Makes me almost start to talk to myself …

And you would do that … why?

Some days are harder than others.

Say today, for instance?

Right! Like today for instance … nothing in particular is jumping out.

Well, what did you do?

So, I slept in … like a true slug. Does that count?

No, probably not. Even though I felt well rested when I finally got started.

I came up with a novel approach for the database I am doing for someone. Maybe that?

Oh Pu-leeze. Enjoying work is one thing, but that is not Happy Holly worthy.

Well,  there was the visit to go see a friend I had been putting off. That was …


Okay, so maybe not that either.

Think … what else was there today?

My hair … my hair looks really nice today …

Um, that was yesterdays Happy Holly Project activity.

Oh. Right. Well, I unloaded the dishwasher.

Think harder.

Made my bed?

Lame. You do that every day.

Got a cone with Black Cherry Frozen Yogurt … and another wrapper toward a free cone?

Oh, good Holly … make Linda feel bad because she was not able to go along with you.

How about the good-looking guy who tried mightily to convince me to go out with him today? He said I had pretty eyes … a nice easy smile … and that I glowed.

Oh, and I am sure his wife would agree … you need that … like you need another hole in your head.

He was ten years younger than me anyway … but he was persistent.

You are losing focus here … surely there is something that you did today … something that made you happy. That you did for no other reason.

Well, actually … there is.

And that would be?

This blog. I did this blog in a somewhat creative way today … And this means I have done the blog for one-hundred-and-seventy-one days in a row. Haven’t missed one.

Granted … some of them were not my best efforts … but then … the whole idea is to be happy. Progress … not perfection.

I suppose you are right … I mean … I suppose I am right.

Do better tomorrow …