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… Gone Tomorrow?

Or was that Grey Today … Blond Tomorrow?

Or was it C – None of the Above?

Allow me to step back a few weeks … when Michelle the Magnificent told me she was taking the opportunity to move to a different hair salon. Michelle is one of the very few people  … ever … who has been able to cut my hair in a way that makes it look presentable in public.

They didn’t call me Medusa for nothing in sixth grade.

Suffice it to say that I was a brunette with naturally curly, totally unruly hair … at a time when “the look” was a straight blond page-boy bob cut.

This was back before I knew that my hair would stay straight when blown dried straight. Actually it was back before there were blow dryers. So there’s that.

Back then, I would wash my hair and put it in rollers made from empty orange juice cans … and clip my bangs with metal old-style Hair Clips … and cement them in place with some concoction called Dippety-Do. And then go to sleep with the promise of reasonable hair in the morning.

That was comfortable.

The end result was good for about 30 minutes. Pretty much the time it took to walk to the bus-stop and ride to school. I swear you could almost hear the hair vibrating in place as it got together the energy to spring back to its Medusa-like Pre-Dippety style.

Look up “Bane of My Existence”. You will see a picture of my hair.

So on those rare occasions that I find someone with the talent and willingness to cut my hair correctly, I am willing to follow them to wherever they may go in order to get my hair cut.

I could hardly blame her … after all she was working in a bulk hair place that had limiting rules and less than stellar pay. Oh, and did I mention that her sister-in-law was the manager?

Nothing like working for family … especially when your talent far outshines your relative/bosses talent.

So when she let me know of her intentions to go elsewhere, I assured her that I would happily follow.

Flash forward to the time she left said establishment and asked if I might be willing to be a model for her when she got to her new location.

A hair model.


What this means is that I show up at a time to be determined, and allow her to do whatever her training of the day is … to my hair.  In this case it was to be a training on the hair coloring product the new salon was to be using. An all natural product. Aveda, if I recall correctly. And I am letting her do … whatever.

For free.

Free is a good price … especially when you only have fifty-seven cents left in your checking account and haven’t had your hair colored in several months.

Not that you could tell or anything.

As the time rolled around a funny thing happened.  We had a hurricane.  And the training class was cancelled.

“Have no fear,” said Michelle the Magnificent “You just had your hair cut … and I am sure they will reschedule soon.”

* Time Passes *

Which brings us to today … and it has now been five or six months since my hair was colored.

Not that you could tell or anything.

Arriving at the about to be opened hair salon, I was met by Michelle the Magnificent … and her sister-in-law, who had decided to make the move as well.

For well over two hours Michelle, the Owner, and the Hair Color Expert from the Large City pored over my hair … citing the challenges, the possibilities, the pros and cons of the various choices available … and decided on Lowlights.

For the uninformed, this is theoretically where yours truly has some dark color reintroduced to my greying hair … color which will miraculously make me look ten years younger and thirty pounds lighter.

There was much discussion as to the proper way to apply these foiled Lowlights … take a chunk of hair here, skip a piece there, wait forty-five minutes and … voila … I would be transformed.

And so the process began.

Many foils, many jokes and many, many, many minutes later, I was done.

Now, I don’t want to be ungrateful … after all, it was free … and my hair is now colored. There is a plan in place to gradually do more of this so that my hair is even closer to its original color … the color that it is still at the back of my head.

And I am here to tell you that it smells absolutely wonderful and is softer than it may have ever been … but … well, I’ll let you be the judge.

Here is Holly Before …

Holly Before

And here is Holly After …

Holly After

And just for good measure, I took one of Holly At Home After …

So I am now happily at home with my new hair color …

Not that you could tell or anything.