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You care?

You really care?


For whatever reason, I just noticed the change in Facebook’s’ page. I have no idea how long these changes have been in effect.

But today I noticed that Facebook seemed to be interested in my well-being … my feelings.


And my mind started to wonder/wander … do they really care? What if I really told them how I am really feeling? What should I post …

I mean, how honest are they really looking for …

“Thanks for asking, I’m feeling fine?”

“Pretty wiped out, did a lot of driving yesterday … got home late … then got awakened out of a sound sleep with a phone call at 6AM”

“Well, since you asked, my stomach is pretty acidy … and I feel just a bit down in the dumps”

“Feeling kind of antisocial, thanks. Was wondering how to get out of that New Years Eve invite without hurting anyones feelings”

And just now I am remembering a man I worked with many years ago … who decided to make a personal statement to all who mindlessly asked him “Hi Tom, how are you?”

At which point he would stop … dead in his tracks … take a deep breath and … quite loudly … proclaim “I’m doing SO FANTASTICALLY well. THANK YOU for asking!!!”

After about four of these identical iterations on a caffeine-deprived morning everyone avoided Tom.

So I went out there looking for “Facebook New Screenshots” on Google. What was it that they used to ask me, exactly?

facebook_new_layout1_howWell, here we have “What are you doing right now?”

Oh, that’s good.

How should I respond to that?

“Squinting at the screen, trying to read the fine print?”

And what if I am doing something … right now … that the world would be better off not knowing?

What then?

I don’t remember ever having that prompt in the little block at the top either. Maybe this suggestion is for people who actually have a life and do interesting things.

And mine is for people who have a shrink.

Hey, I do things, too … she said … not sounding the least bit defensive.

What was it that was out there … before?

new-facebook-layout_mindMaybe it was this …

“What’s on your mind?”

I seem to recall seeing that from time to time.

And if there was indeed something on my mind, I could share it with one and all.

Not that there was … not too often.


There it is!

My old friend … the prompt that faced me every day for months.

“Write something.”

Succinct. To the point. Requires me to feel no feelings … or rise to any great creative heights … or be positive … or negative … or anything.

Just … write something.

Exactly what I have needed this past year of heartbreak and recovery.

So I sat here … right before I started this tirade blog entry … and I thought “What IS Holly feeling?”

It is snowing at the rate of one to three inches an hour outside … on top of the ice from last night … to be followed tomorrow morning with more ice … and strong winds.

And I looked at the picture my beloved brother just posted …


How am I feeling?

Well, I’ll tell you in two pictures. First is where my brother is – Big Sur. Second is where I am – Big … Not-Sur.

garyatsur hollyathomeWhat do you think I am feeling?