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hollyathome… as opposed to an old blog post of mine … How Crazy Is Crazy.

I am what is known as a low maintenance person. And today has been a low maintenance kind of day.

A freezing cold, sub-zero, wind chill, freeze your … nose … off kind of day.

One of those days that I am glad things can be done using computers remotely. Without the need to go outside. At all.

Everything in the area was on at least a two-hour delay from the ice and cold. Highways were shut down. And it was a perfect day to roll over and get some much-needed sleep.

You know, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

And I was pretty happy when I finally woke up … until I remembered that I had an appointment. Which I had missed. Not that Mental Health is all that important, right?

I realized that it would be a slow day in the Things That Make Holly Happy For No Reason … etc. category.

Then the phone rang.

It was the radio station that I am an announcer for … for which I am an announcer … whatever.  NPR.

I had left a message last night as I left the station asking whether I was scheduled for Thursday as well. And letting them know about some schools which had called off for today.

“Holly! I am so glad you are there! I tried to call you last night at the station, but the phones were already forwarded.” said the station manager.

“Yes, I forwarded them early since calls for school cancellations started to come in. I wanted to make sure they got on record.” I said … wondering what I might have done wrong to warrant a call while working.

“I just wanted to tell you that you were awesome … absolutely awesome!” she said. “I didn’t listen to the entire show, but I listened to a fair part of it and you were absolutely awesome! I just wanted to tell you how well you were doing and how good you were last night.”

Like I said, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

And I have no idea which parts she heard that caused her to pick up the phone last night to let me know how good I was. Probably just as well that she didn’t get through last night … might have made me nervous or something.

We had some weather warnings and whatnot but other than that it was a pretty normal night.

But suffice it to say I have been smiling ever since she called.

I wonder if people realize how far a kind word can go in making another persons day? It costs nothing.

And it certainly made my day today.