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A Sheetz location in Kent, Ohio.

A Sheetz location in Kent, Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week has been full of “bug” days, as constant readers of the blog well know.

Today was a “windshield” day.

To begin with, my internal alarm woke me up ten minutes before the alarm clock went off. This used to happen all the time … but stopped a while ago. I feared I had lost the ability.

It’s back.


Then, on the way to a customer, I went to the local Sheetz store. To get coffee. Decided to get a raspberry filled donut, too. I deserved a treat after the week I have had. 

On checking out, I pulled out the Loyalty Card they have. To get specials and whatnot.

Along with the card came an old Free Coffee coupon.

“Does this still work?” I asked.

“Absolutely” said the clerk “Your coffee is free today.”


Smiling I handed him the bag with the donut.

“You have enough Donut Points to get a free donut. Would you like your donut for free today also?” he asked.

If someone had come up with a bag of money I would not have been more surprised.

“Sure. Thanks.” I said.


On filling up my car with gas before driving an hour, I discovered I had gotten almost 28 miles to the gallon. On a car that gets 25 on a good day.

This was good. This was very good.


On arriving at the customer location, I started to set up my laptop to show them the latest on their database development.

There were four there today. Two were older women who hate computers. They are sisters. And both were smiling broadly.

“We had a chance to use the program this week. I love it. It’s just so exciting.” said one sister.

“Yes, this is just the best.” said the other.

I looked at the other two people in the room who just shrugged.

“I’m glad you like it. That’s a bit different from the way you used to feel about computers.” I said.

“Yes, well you just made it so user-friendly and easy for us.” she said. “I love the way everything is all together in one place.”

And of course I mentioned that it was because they had given such excellent input into the design and development of it all that it turned out the way it had.


After the meeting I started to wonder if maybe the tides had turned.

A few quick stops on the way home got me the home safety items I wanted … and a business card with a few names of Handymen who might be able to help with the installation of security lights.

None of the electricians I had called so far had returned the messages I left.

Starting through the list I first got hold of a man who, although he could not do the electrical work, was available to plow out my driveway should a blizzard come through this winter.

No more wrenched backs for me.

Then I saw the last name on the list. It looked familiar. I called.

“Hi, I’m Holly and I got your name from Tom at the local True-Value store.”

We talked about the various things I needed done around the house that I might need help with … and he assured me that he could help. He listed all the various people, businesses and schools he did work for.

“What was your name again?” he asked.

“Holly Holdren” I replied.

“Holly Holdren? Holly Holdren? I know you!” he said.

This was the young man who used to go to the same church as I did years ago. When I went through a horrid divorce and my ex married another member of the church.

This young man’s father had bought my old 1952 MG-TD Convertible kit car years ago. His mother was a Real Estate Agent who found me a small rental house when I first was getting a divorce and later another house which I bought.

Not the house of the recent renovations.

A few minutes later we had caught up on the status of his parents (fine), his family (successful) and my old car (being renovated).

I now have someone to install the security lights. I also now have a go-to guy for odds and ends around the house.

Definitely a windshield day.

Far better than being a bug.