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Well that really stinks.

So who is playing?

I think I’m supposed to not like the Ravens … who else?

Oh no. Not them. They can’t win. That would make them tied with the Steelers. Can’t have that.

Maybe I should call my family in San Francisco and see who they are rooting for.

No, the last time I watched a game was the Super Bowl last year. And, truth be told, I just recorded it on my DVR for the commercials.

Ended up deleting it a few months later without watching the commercials.

Yes, I am doing the same thing again this year.

Well, its been a while.

Back in the day, I lived in the ‘burgh … rooted for the Stillers … knew all the numbers … and went dahntahn after the Super Bowl wins.

Years later my daughter lived in the ‘burgh … Stillers won … she carried on the tradition by going into town for the celebrations.

Yes, I used to have Super Bowl parties each year at the house … when I was married.

Yep. Huge bowls of boiled shrimp. Lots of snacks. A help-yourself bar. And lots of people.

One year when it was like ten below we did a Soup-er Bowl theme, as it were. Make it yourself sandwich bar and five types of Holly-made Soups and Chili.

Nope. No similarity to Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart. Just know how to throw a great party for dozens of folks.

Why no I haven’t … not for a long time.

Oh, I’ll probably read a good book or something.

Here, would you like a piece of this cake here?

go steelers