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.People filing tax forms in 1920.. and I couldn’t even get them filed electronically.

I hate when that happens.

Last year I successfully filed taxes using the old standby … TurboTax.

It went smoothly.

Last year.

It was a good year that year. OK, emotionally it was a really crummy year at the end of 2011, but financially it rocked.

2012 … not so much.

And somewhere between saying I put a new metal roof on the house (read: energy savings) … and stopped using my car for business last summer … but didn’t sell it … well the combination appears to be a bit more than TurboTax can bear.

Maybe I read that wrong.

So here I sit … after spending a few hours peering through my bifocals typing a gazillion teeny tiny numbers in … and answering a gazillion tedious questions.

“So, if the car and a half drove an hour and a half in a day and a half, why did you eat hamburgers for lunch?”

And this was with them importing all my basic information from last years tax information.


I think I am going to go back and just say I am a poor individual … with no deductions.

But to tell you the truth, I think I’ll wait till tomorrow.

I’ve had too much fun for today.