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… I don’t know which way to go.

Pope in FatimaAnother chapter of “My Strange Life”.

The Pope is retiring.

Stars wore indredibl…y outrageous outfits at the Grammys.

Ted Nugent LiveTed Nugent is going to be in the audience at the State of the Union tomorrow.

And FNC (Fox News Fox News ChannelChannel) registered their lowest ratings with the 25-54 demographic in 12 years.

So much to pick from … so much to ridicule … so much to be happy about.

And on a local level, I have a friend who … inspired by my stories of Amish men wearing flashlights on their hats … is considering taping a mag-light to her cap to find things in remote corners of her basement.

Though why anyone would go looking into remote regions of a spooky basement is beyond me.

And then there is the fact that someone bought me lunch AND put gas in my tank. So there is that, too.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the way home, I drove by a candy factory which has a tall silo … I am thinking it holds sugar, but that is just a guess.

And while sitting at a stop light some motion caught my eye … way up at the top of the silo.There were three men … doing their best to lift a large tree … an old Christmas Tree I’m guessing … over the edge so it could fall to the ground.

No, I did not get a picture. By the time I realized what they were doing, it had fallen and the light had changed.

 My friend Linda spent a great deal of time trying to get her new phone to once again use a GPS app she had downloaded. After a full twenty minutes of clicking and clacking to get it on … it finally started … and would not go off.

Me: “So what else is new?”
Phone: “turn right in a half mile”
Her: “Oh nothing much.”
Phone: “turn right in half a mile”
Me: “I was wondering how your dinner went last night.”
Phone: “turn right in half a mile”
Her: “Oh everybody was laughing about your Amish story.”
Phone: “turn right in half a mile”
Me: “Glad they liked the story.”
Phone: “turn right in half a mile”

I might add that we were nowhere near a moving vehicle of any kind.

Removing batteries is a marvelous GPS-stopping technique, as it turns out.

I got a few more license plate pictures … heal it … some initials. I missed the Dec7 one. Got the Buflofan one.

Actually, after I got that one … twice … I took a double shortcut to the bank. This involved several unique turns. All right behind Buflofan. Turns out she was going to the same bank … and taking the same obscure turns to get there.

Fortunately she didn’t see me taking the pictures. She might have thought I was a stalker.

It made me happy to realize I was able to help my customer. And while my mind wandered aimlessly, I realized that I might just have one more “great something” in me before I die.Green tea (matcha) ice-cream with red bean.

No clue what.

But as it often does in my young life … the thing that made me happy this afternoon was eating ice cream … in preparation for Fat Tuesday tomorrow of course.

Lent is coming on Wednesday after all.

You can never start too early for Fat Tuesday.