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I waited all day for this?


OK, granted … they said you wouldn’t actually hit us … but a gal can hope can’t she?

And after the news this morning from Russia I thought there would be a little more excitement than this.


That’s all you’ve got?

No more peripheral rocks raining down on us?

No apocalyptic signs in the sky?

No “Hey the Mayans were only off by a few weeks”?

No blazing glory visible by daylight in the Eastern United States?

No destroyed satellites falling to earth in a myriad of fiery pieces?

No interrupted power grid?

No Twitter blackout?

No conspiracy theories?

Too soon for that maybe. I’ll give it a day or two.

What a let down.

At least Australia provided us with this … http://www.space.com/19820-asteroid-da14-seen-for-australia-video.html … complete with small red circle to show us … 2012 DA14.

Hey, at least there is a cool Google Doodle out there today.

Oh, all right.

I’m happy the earth didn’t come to an abrupt end … and that there were no horrible catastrophes.

Sort of.