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Sweet Valentines Candy

Sweet Valentines Candy (Photo credit: cheriejoyful)

Yes. I know.

Today is Valentines Day.

Well, guess what? I don’t have a Valentine this year.

There was the time years ago when, in a group of people, I allowed that I did not have a Valentine that year.

There were audible gasps that I … much younger and prettier back  then … did not have a loved one to shower me with symbols of love.

Okay, I’ll admit … that made me feel a bit better.

And my mind went back to the years of efforts with my ex other half. Cooking meals, buying gifts, giving cards … only to be met with a card silently tossed my way. If anything.

There are givers and takers. I was the giver. He was the taker.

valentines2I think there should be a rule that givers get to be with givers … and all you takers can be happily … unemotionally … unromantically … unpassionately … stuck with each other. And probably happier for it, actually.

Then I thought of the man who made a dinner for his beloved … totally thoughtful … going to much trouble … recreating times gone by. Her reaction?

“What did you do that for?”

Or the man who was gifted with a certificate to a kissing class held for couples in need. That had to sting.

Or the woman who was taken to dinner two days ago … for forty-five minutes … so he could make it to another engagement later. And no, it was not with another woman.

And he asked her to leave the tip.

But this story is probably the worst. The woman who was called today to go shopping with her long-time beloved. Could it be? After ten years?

They went to the mall … past one jewelry store … past another jewelry store … into another store to the … Mens Underwear department … beside the jewelry department.

He got briefs … or boxers … I don’t think it matters.

Then they went to a Wal-Mart … past the large Valentines Candy display … past the other men with carts full of flowers … to the Mens Clothing department … beside the jewelry department filled with men gazing at gifts for their beloved.

He got 3 T-Shirts and a pair of Jeans.

As they approached her house he turned and gave her a bag. Once again her heart jumped … after all, she had given him candy and a card the day before … not sure that she would see him today.

fish valentineShe opened the bag to see … frozen haddock.

Six pieces.

“They were on sale … buy one get one free … so I threw the free one in for you.” he said.

She crossed her arms across her chest.

“What? Is something wrong? You look like you are about to cry.” he asked cluelessly.

“Nope. It’s all me. My own problem.” she said coldly.

When he called later … once again her heart hoped. Had he realized? Had he remembered? Would he at least wish her a Happy Valentines Day?

“Hey, I’m trying to balance my checkbook here … and I can’t seem to find the grocery store receipt. Could you check the fish bag for it?”

And no, you romantics out there … that wasn’t code for “look in the bag, there is a gift at the bottom for you.”

So, no … this year I do not have a Valentine. And I’m not sure it’s all bad. There is always next year, after all.

And on the other hand, tomorrow is Half Off Valentine’s Candy Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


PS – If you want a laugh … and advice for Valentine’s Day, check out this article from two great authors … Jill Shalvis and Kristin Higgins.