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… of the frozen here in the North.

And yes, I can appreciate the beauty of a quiet Winter’s day … and a new snowfall. And yes, there is a chance I will have that picture-taking opportunity here soon … very soon.

But just for today, I thought I would take happiness from the colorful pictures that seem to have presented themselves here on the internets …

First was a beautiful shot taken by fellow blogger Cindy Knoke … which led to several others. I recommend her blog site highly, by the way. Of course for those of you who have seen pictures of my bedroom, you know I could not resist the picture of the peacock.

dsc04025 dsc04811 dsc05914 ice-poppy-2

Then there were various scenes I’ve collected recently from various Facebook posts. Unfortunately, there are no credits … as Facebook pictures sometimes are.

But all are quite colorful.

64578_10151269880550658_472957673_n 247671_437739819610946_436246042_n 522193_510762275601743_1652541911_n 535410_481962988520280_965675074_n hawaiiSunset steps

And then, because it’s me … and my blog … I couldn’t resist this one.

bird sign

Please enjoy them all.