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It happens.

Usually on days when there are not lots of hits on my Happy Holly Project … like the six I have had today.

Oh. Hold me back.

crocs lazy

The plan was to do something that would make me happy … give me joy. And I was to go over to Texas Linda’s house. To have chorizo and eggs … and watch Anna Karenina.

I got the last DVD in town.

The food was delicious. The movie was not.

Just what I needed. A story about heartbreak and lost love. And this version, the Kiera Knightley one, had a very strange concoction of faux stage effects and scene changes. Very distracting.

Two hours and forty minutes of distracting.

I couldn’t do it. Plus the DVD player kept stopping about half an hour into the whole thing. And requiring total restarts. And the dogs …

By then, it was time… and I folded like a Kmart card table. Excused myself … left the movie … and called it a day.

By the time I got home, my insides reminded me that sometimes it is not such a good idea to combine chorizo, eggs, potatoes, chilies, peppers, hot sauce and coffee.

With a vengeance they reminded me.

So yes, today I am a slug.

Maybe tomorrow I will be charming and wonderful again.

But not today.

pearls before swine