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And as George Takei said today … I also say … go for baroque.

Today … 

I needed to write my public Happy Holly Project blog, so I wrote in my private blog.

I got a great idea for something happy today, so I set it aside for some other time.

I had to get some laundry together, so I made the bed.

I needed to look at some programming, so I played several games of Sudoku.

I needed to wash my hair, so I made a cup of coffee.

I needed to run the dishwasher, so I took out the garbage.

I really had to make the lobster bisque, so I made the stock … put it in the refrigerator for tomorrow … and cooked ground meat, macaroni and tomatoes.

I needed to clear out the refrigerator, so I changed the water in one of the fish bowls. (Bert’s if you are interested)

I needed to make a phone call, so I looked for my missing camera.

I remember the first time I heard the term passive-aggressive. I was about to begin the journey that was my divorce and I called the EAP hotline the company had available.

It was my first exposure to counseling of any sort, and what the heck … the guy was a thousand miles away and could not see my face … and never would. So I told him the truth. The whole unflattering, unvarnished truth. About how all the woes in the marriage rested firmly on my shoulders … for one reason or the other. And I told him all the reasons.

There was a short pause on the other end of the line.

“Have you ever heard of Passive-Agressive behavior before?” he asked.

“No.” I answered, feeling sure that he had just named my worst diagnosis. So, I was …

“Your husband is Passive-Agressive. And here is what it is …” he explained.

Who knew? It was the first time the thought that I wasn’t the only horrible partner in this whole thing had crossed anyone’s lips. It certainly didn’t get spoken by my now ex-husband.

And so began a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. That was almost twenty-five years ago.

These days I still visit a counselor from time to time … just for a tune-up … although he laughs when I say that.

The cute memes and sayings posted out on the internet on Facebook and Emails often make me think and focus back on lessons learned and how I have grown over the years. Thank goodness.

So a stronger me lives these days … and, except for the recent heartbreak, I do exceedingly well. At least I quickly recognize things … behaviors … for what they are … or aren’t.

it isnt going to write itselfI didn’t want to write the blog earlier, or do the laundry, or the dishes, or the phone call, or the programming, or any of the rest of it.

So I didn’t.

But one post today was not true.

This blog post, like most others, did indeed write itself. I don’t understand how, but that’s the way it works for me.

I think I will go wash my hair.