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Constant readers know I have mentioned some of my friends and acquaintances here over the last several months. True characters, one and all.

One is having one of those I KNOW WHY ANIMALS EAT THEIR YOUNG nights even as we speak. Just writing about her life and children could be a novel all unto itself.

And for some reason there seems to be a recurring theme. See if you can guess what it is.

My friend Andrew, in addition to being a well-known social activist and executive director of the Harry Potter Alliance, used to be part of a comedy group called the Late Night Players.

Here is a picture of Andrew … from 2003. The Late Night Players did seven skits, the title of each skit based off of an anagram of the phrase “Seven Deadly Sins.” Andrew was the Emcee.



Each skit was in a different medium: puppet show, movement piece, slide show, musical, etc. So our skit on the sin of greed was called “Disney’s Slave Den” (an anagram of Seven Deadly Sins) and was a parody of a Disney movie with all the music and weird tropes and Walt Disney stealing a young girl to work in his slave den.

We were a very twisted group of guys.

Twisted thoughts notwithstanding, I was stunned that an anagram could be made for every one of the Seven Deadly Sins … and then to make a skit in seven different mediums … well, suffice it to say I am impressed by the creativity of these young men. I’m assuming they were all men … that’s all that were included in the various posts.

For those who need a refresher, an anagram means you use the letters from one word or phrase and make up another word or phrase. Like LIVE becomes EVIL. And ORCHESTRA becomes CARTHORSE.

Names are a bit harder … so “Dave Barry” becomes” Ray Adverb” and “Tom Marvolo Riddle” becomes “I am Lord Voldemort“. Maybe I should have done a spoiler alert on that one.

Phrases would be most challenging of all. So “sweep the floor” translates into “too few helpers”. And “statue of liberty” translates to “built to stay free”.

So to do one, let alone seven on the phrase “Seven Deadly Sins” struck me as wildly creative. So without further ado, here are the Seven Deadly Sins … and the anagrams thereof.



Gluttony: DENNY’S ELVIS-ADE. Involving some kind of tube-throat singing buffet.


Greed: DISNEY’S SLAVE DEN. A story of Walt Disney stealing a young girl to work in his slave den. This could do double duty as Lust I’m thinking.


Pride:  SENSES DEAD VINYL.  In which Satan, determined to eliminate the song “friend of the devil,” recruits a Grateful Dead fan to help him seek out all the copies.

One of them was some kind of cartoon with the bears … And one of the creative crew is still mad they didn’t do Elvis Needs Sandy. Too many anagrams, I suppose.

But to top this all off, I was reading the various postings about the Seven Deadly Sins, when up popped another post with a comment from a friend. Involving the well-known televangelist Pat Robertson. And Demons.

Please note the number of comments.

And for that matter, the number of shares from the man who created the 700 Club.

Sometimes I really have to wonder.