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… and how many people even know what an Ide is?

OK, so I do.

Ides of March. Middle of the month. The fifteenth.

Used to be, back in the day … in Rome … they started the New Year in March. And celebrated. And I mean celebrated. Until the middle of the month.

They didn’t do days, per se.

There was the beginning of the month (Nones – celebrated on the 5th or 7th), the middle of the month (Ides – celebrated on the 13th or 15th), and the 1st of the following month (Kalends). I guess everything else just sort of fit in around that.

No “Thirty days hath September …” or anything.

In 44 BC. Caesar was stabbed to death at a meeting of the Senate. And no, tempting as it definitely may be I am not going to make fun of the Senate … or give a list of who I’d nominate for the stabbing these days.

Although I did come across something today that mentioned a former Republican Candidate for Senate. Well, it mentioned a whole lot of things about the US. And it was so ludicrous it made me laugh out loud.

Until I realized that these people really believe this stuff.

The North Koreans.

So I will continue just sitting here in my tent, sipping on snow … thankful for the cake and blanket given to me by the kind people of North Korea … while you click on the link and see what our country REALLY is like.

They wouldn’t lie, would they?

Excuse me while I go out and get some more snow to sip on while I consider how grateful I am to the benevolent people of North Korea. 


korea1 there are no birds

I especially liked the former Republican Candidate from Oregon who is reduced to standing in line for his government handout of daily coffee.

Oh, which bird shall I eat on Tuesday? Oh, that’s right … there are no more birds in the trees anymore. We … have eaten them all … while we get guns to shoot our children.

Well, what can you expect from a country like ours that disguises its cities as ones in Europe?

Good thing we have all this snow … and dead bodies in blue body bags. Or what are friends for? I guess that’s after we all lay around on the benches waiting for heroin. With all the ho-mo-sex-uals.

You’ve GOT to see this … click on it … it is worth the five minutes just to see what the people of North Korea are being told about the people of the US.

No wonder they all think they can attack the US easily.

Maybe I should write to Dennis Rodman … the US Ambassador to North Korea. It’s what all us good citizens should do.