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alberteinstein… and would you like to have some Pi to celebrate with, maybe?

Well, I know that today is the birthday of many people … and I know a few … one dear old friend … but probably the most well-known would be Albert Einstein.

And based on the small sampling of folks that I know with birthdays today, it does make me wonder … are all the people born on this day incredibly intelligent?

69798_562962690403848_1140211657_nOr is it just the ones that I know?

How can you not love a man who can take a picture like this one?

Or who has an office desk that looks like this one?

Seriously have to wonder if I was better off … desk-wise … before the recent house re-do.

But I digress.

It makes me wonder … does the fact that they all are … or have been … scientifically oriented have something to do with the fact that their birthday fell on that totally mathematically oriented day of the year … Pi Day?

Yes, Pi Day.

Like Pi, the mathematical number term thingy … well, let’s just go out to Wikipedia …

The number π (/p/) is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle‘s circumference to its diameter, and is approximately equal to 3.14159.

Pi-unrolled-720Well that’s clear as mud.

They have a good animated .gif that explains it well. Better than I could explain it for sure.

And I was a trained Math Teacher.

2c9e9f46-aae1-4a41-9dcf-9a066d3f616dSo if Pi is basically 3.14, then Pi Day would be today.

March 14th.


Every year I bring out a t-shirt that I got a few years ago from Woot.com and wear it for just this one day. Reflections on Pi.

It made me laugh when I first saw it and it still makes me laugh each year when I wear it. Today it made the Pharmacist laugh, too.

Thanks to Facebook, the world now seems to be getting into the whole Pi / Pie thing. At least if my news feed today is any indication.


There were all the food oriented photos … going for the pun of the day … mostly of Pies with the Pi symbol somehow creatively positioned on the top. I personally liked the Pie Chart.

576802_10151491314974394_1875800019_n 417590_502926886434171_1715341439_n

Then there were the ones appealing to the Math Geeks and the fact that Pi is known as an Irrational Number in Math Circles (pun intended) … and then going for the obvious pun on the word irrational.


I especially liked this one from the ToonSeum in Pittsburgh. (where I met my favorite cartoonist Stephan Pastis)

Which brings me back to the people born on this day … who are smarter than the av-er-age bear. Was this everyone? Or just Albert and my old friend?

So I went out to http://www.celebritybirthdaylist.com/date/3/14/ to see who all else was born on this day. 

bdayTurns out there are quite a few … including my friend and Albert.

Lots of people I have never heard of.

Not sure there are all that many who are intelligent … or who are scientifically oriented … or who are mathematically oriented … or who even know what Pi is.

But I’ll bet $3.14 that most of them like Pie.

Happy Birthday to one and all.