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art_for_airwaves2013 kristina kvasny… I went up and answered phones for the folks calling in to the station … to be members.

You know … as in “All Thing Considered is made possible through donations from members like you …”.

The picture above was taken by a High School student … Kristina Kvasny … and won this years Art for the Airwaves contest. This means a limited set of 300 large prints of the photograph of the Yellow Elm are available as thank-you gifts for folks who contribute $100.

It was nice to see all the people … and local businesses … and loyal listeners … pull together to contribute to the expenses of what will be needed to keep the station on the air for another year.

The normal on-air announcers get a pass … phones are set up in the lobby … official fund-raising folks and guest speakers have their say.

So I figured that since I didn’t have a shift this week … thanks to the fund drive … that I would help out by answering the phones. A nice thing to do in an anonymous kind of way. Help out. All that.

So when one caller said “Hey, I recognize your voice” I realized my career as a prank caller was at an end.

But he didn’t say “Hey I recognize your voice … forget that pledge.” Although I do seem to recall his saying something about listening to the station in order to fall fast asleep at night.

Glad I could be of service.

In other highlights, I ran into the manager of both the radio and the TV station … you may recall him when I first met him at the radio station. He covering the shift before me. Me coming on air.

He: Hi. Nice to meet you … so what do you do in real life?
Me: Oh not much … (short discussion of my current status)
He: Well its great that you are doing this.|
Me: And what do you do in real life?
He: I run this radio station … and the television station.
Me: Always a good thing to do.

Holly doing her best to remove both feet from mouth.

So when I saw him outside the studio I smiled and we had the oddest disjointed impromptu … conversation?

Me: Hey, I remember …
He: Yeah, when …
Me: And then …
He: Yeah right … and that’s when …
Me: Exactly …

I turned to the man who usually does the shift before me and said “Nah … he doesn’t remember me.”

Then they walked away … laughing.

Later the man who is the managing something or another directly beneath him came out to where we were taking calls … and laughingly said.

“OK. Now I’m worried. The big boss said he really likes you. And he doesn’t like anyone.” And we all laughed.

The reason this is so funny is in part because these are among the nicest, most intelligent people I have ever met. And also because it was nice for a change to be at my best … wit-wise … and have it reciprocated. That’s always great fun.

As I sat there, a gentleman came down the long flight of steps into the atrium to leave work for the day. I recognized him. So I turned to the volunteer beside me.

Me: I think I know that man.
She: Yes, he works here … but he has only been here for a little while. I think his name is Xxxx.
(long story … he’s a dog … she’s a saint … you know, same old same old … story best left untold)
Me: Yes. That’s him. I am friends with his wife. Well, his ex-wife. He is her ex-husband.
She: Oh, then that would make him the WASband.

Laughed out loud. Never had heard that term before. It fits. For many situations.

I’m doing it again on Friday.

Should be fun.