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So as I was driving to the station … to help answer the phones here for the NPR station (see fundraising post from the other day) … and I heard a promo.

There are several promos which are done by famous supporters out there. Actors, Personalities, Politicians, Comedians. They are fun and they are only played during the Pledge Drives.

The words played out from my car radio.


Robert Krulwich prepping #duxcamp

Robert Krulwich prepping #duxcamp (Photo credit: Burnt Pixel)

“You will want to contribute to the station … because it makes YOU feel good. It has been scientifically proven that doing something for someone provides you with an increased level of Oxytocin.”

At which point the narrator started to sing “Ox-y-toooo-cin” in a sing-song voice.



Who am I to argue with Robert Krulwich?

But no sooner had I thought that thought … and the local folks were on air … singing “Ox-Y-Toooo-Cin” and “Oooh Baby Baby” and “You really have to contribute … it will make you feel really good … it will make us at the station feel really good … and it will make all the listeners who benefit from your donation feel really good.”

Then the singing continued in the background. The Station Manager. “Ox-y-toooo-cin.”

It made me laugh out loud.

And I suppose it made a lot of others laugh out loud as well … because there was a sudden surge in the contributions, which allowed them to break one of the goals they needed and obtain a large matching contribution.

This is so much fun.

When I walked into the station, one of the folks came up to me. I laughingly made a comment about their … personalities … and was told about a not so happy listener.

Out with the folks I asked what had happened.

Seems a listener thought we were suggesting that the viewers imbibe in drug use.


“You are talking about that horrid drug … Oxycontin.”

Not Oxycontin … the drug … that some people use to feel good. Oxytocin … the hormone … that makes some people … feel good.

Glad I wasn’t the one to take that call.

OK … gotta go answer some phones.

Wish us luck.