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Français : Poste - États-Unis - Cinco de Mayo

Français : Poste – États-Unis – Cinco de Mayo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So today … Cinco de Mayo … the holiday … isn’t Mexico’s Independence Day?

Frankly I never gave it a thought. It was just May the Fifth to me.  05/05. Cool number. I like cool numbers.

It was just as much Revenge of the Fifth … day after May the Fourth be with you … as it was anything else, as far as I knew.

I was thinking of getting something Mexican today … nachos … tacos … something … and …

What’s that you say? I am being patronizing? That’s not really Mexican food?

Are you telling me that Taco Bell has been lying to me all these years?

No, honest. I had no idea.

Well frankly, I had Chili Poblanos the other day at El Campesino’s with a Guacamole Salad and Refried Beans on the side. So my weekly cheese with my cheese quota was used up.

So I decided to do some research.

According to HuffPo last year:

The holiday, in actuality, marks a major victory for the Mexican Army on May 5, 1862, when 4,000 Mexican troops defeated 8,000 French troops at the Battle of Puebla. The French had decided to attack Mexico after it stopped making interest payments toward a major debt, but a devastating military defeat forever changed the fate of France in the Americas.

So people got angry about interest payments that were too high? Imagine that.

Then I decided to take a Cinco de Mayo quiz. Now. Oh this ought to be good.

1. The day honors Mexico’s independence from Spain.

I know this!! False! Next question.

2. This year marks Cinco de Mayo’s 150th anniversary.

Foo. I just looked it up. Its 1800 and something before the Civil War. Gettysburg is at 150. I’ll guess False. That its a little more than 150.

Oh, good guess Holly … its 151 years. Funny I don’t remember 150 being mentioned last year either.

3. The first worldwide mole fest was held last year.

This is just weird enough to be true. I guess True.


4. The largest celebration is in Los Angeles.

Hmmm. I think I heard that they don’t do much for this in Mexico … so maybe it is True.

Aha! Right again … “More than 600,000 people gather to celebrate with food and music each year at the Festival de Fiesta Broadway in Los Angeles.”

5. Puebla is Mexico’s fourth largest city.

Well, I know this is where the battle was. Lets see … Mexico City, Cancun … can’t think of any others. OK … True.

Well its True. Lucky for me I didn’t have to name them … “The country’s largest city is Mexico City, followed by Ecatepec City and then Guadalajara.” Never heard of Ecatepec City.

I’m such a well-travelled person.

6. Dos Equis helped popularize the day in the ’80s.

I know they said Beer helped popularize it. I know Dos Equis is a Beer. I guess True.

False. And I was doing so well for knowing nothing. That’ll teach me to think. “It was actually Miller and Anheuser-Busch that sponsored city-wide celebrations to coincide with the holiday.”

7. Tequila is made exclusively in Mexico.

Oh. True. And it always gave me an aftertaste well into the next day.

8. America’s true drinking day is observed on Dec. 5.

We have a true drinking day? And it’s not St. Patricks Day? Well, a friend who was the heartiest drinker I ever knew has a son who was born on Dec 5. So for no reason whatsoever, I will guess True.

“December 5 is unofficially Repeal Day, when Prohibition ended and America’s constitutional right to imbibe was restored.” You’d think someone with as much professional drinking in my past would have known that, wouldn’t you?

Oh well. Seven out of eight isn’t bad.

Especially considering I wasn’t sharp enough to look at the quote at the top of the blog post to see the exact date for the start of it all.

Enjoy these pictures friends have posted today.

422086_634238226601846_1300148414_n sinko de mayo