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But you know, some days are just not Happy Days.

Some days you just feel like The Born Loser.

The Born Loser

The Born Loser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did the proverbial trip to the counselor to get some specific answers. Got a fervent “I have no idea, but I will ask.”

This is not good when you are anxious for an answer.

Decided to get my hair cut. After all, it wasn’t the worlds best cut last time, so I thought I deserved to feel better, courtesy of the local hair place.

The cut was not all that great.

And nobody even noticed that I had gotten it cut.

I went to the restaurant for the weekly K-Boy Burger with my friend Texas Linda …

…but I just didn’t feel like having a burger once I got there.

Had a salad instead.

Discovered it is indeed possible to eat too much salad.

Then I tried to go to the Antique Depot to see and take pictures of all the nice things there.

My camera batteries died.

Looked around at all the other antiques and realized that many of them were either a) in my house also, b) in my parents house also and I had grown up with them or c) had been part of my life at one point or another.

That cheered me up … she said with sarcasm dripping from each word.

So I decided to come home and work on my trusty little Netpad. That cute little turquoise mini-computer that I use first thing in the morning to check the internet, post some private blog information, and check emails.

It needed charged.

So as I had it plugged in, I decided to go check something using the browser.

The browser will not load. Flashes once then goes away. Probably has something to do with the other night when I got impatient and shut the machine off at the wrong time.

I let the machine roll back to an earlier time.

And it still did not work.

Decided to take it to a computer shop that a friend runs in town here. It closes at 5:00.

This all happened at 5:05 PM.

So I came down here to unload everything personal from the Netpad. I’ll just drop it off tomorrow and he can fix it … and upgrade the memory … and replace the battery … and return it to me all ready to go.

All I had to do was copy all my personal stuff onto a thumb drive before I got it ready to go for tomorrow.

The thumb drive was not big enough.

Used some of the other thumb drives.

The battery ran out.

I am resorting to Plan B C D … X

As soon as I post this, I am going to turn both computers off. I am going to go to the kitchen and cut some Shoo-Fly Pie … and I am going to watch some recordings of Person Of Interest that I have on my DVR.

I think that’s about all I can handle for the rest of the day.