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What’s that you say? There is no such thing as a Facebook Psychological Profile?

Au Contraire …

We all have … no, let me rephrase that … those of us who have a Facebook Account … that we use … have Facebook Friends who post things. The assumption being that if they are our friends, then they probably have similar tastes. Maybe.

And we will have other Pages … not of Friends … of things that we Like. And the assumption there is that we have marked a page with Like if we actually Like what it has to say.

In my case, there is a smattering of intellectual and creative types … with a liberal leaning bias. Gotta be honest here.

So for example, today has given the following posts:

We all have … no, let me rephrase that … those of us who have a Facebook Account … that we use … have Facebook Friends who post things. The assumption being that if they are our friends, then they probably have similar tastes. Maybe.

fb1For example here is a beautiful picture of a river and the surrounding area. This is a sample picture from my friend who loves beautiful scenery and well taken photographs.

His Facebook Page consists mostly of pictures of fields, mountains, horses and dogs. And the occasional link to a site supportive of social causes.fb2

This psychology test on the left is from my friend the Math Professor. Actually now that I think of it I have two Facebook friends who are Math Professors.

She enjoys putting things out there that show that she is smart … and has a terrific sense of humor. Like her friends.

One posted the answer “Hmm, closed on the left, open on the right for all x such that x is in the set of real numbers.  Did I pass or fail, it’s been a while?”

One friend answered “its an anchor on its side. duh.”

fb3And I answered “Answer: It is inverted … everyone knows the left is open, and the right is closed.”

Then there are my friends who are big music fans.

The posts from them consist mainly of links to YouTube videos … of themselves or of a favorite group.

They also post a lot of pictures of guitars, favorite performers and cartoons … like the one here on the right.


Then there are those friends who are die-hard e-card fans. Who post images of old-fashioned people with terse quotes.

They make laugh most of the time.

This one is from an author that I Like on Facebook. She added the comment “Note to men everywhere:”

It always interests me to read what writers post out on Facebook.fb5

Anyone who has been on Facebook for a while has probably seen posts by George Takei.

That would be Sulu to you Star Trek Fans. A Gay Rights activist to you social folks.

He has 142,224 followers / fans on Google Plus, and another 4,068,830 folks who follow him on Facebook.

He tends to post funny pictures with a humorous pun on top of it. The one to the right here was posted with the comment “The box stops here.”

fb6Then there are those folks who mostly post cute pictures of their grandchildren / children / pets / etc.

This where you see a huge number of kittens.

Or as is shown in this picture, a toy kitten. You really can’t lose when you post something with a kitten on Facebook. Its been proven.

fb7Of course you have posts from politically active folks … both on the right and the left. I have far more posters of things from the left.

One post from the left is posted here … on the right.

They also make me laugh most of the time.

My politically active folks do a lot of reposts from UpWorthy, “Awesome, fun, interesting videos and graphics about stuff that matters.”fb8

Then there are the posts which are basically updates of a person’s health conditions. They are almost always fighting super human fights to overcome grave injury, fatal disease and heartbreaking birth defects.

In the case of the young man to the left here, his ongoing success is posted second-hand from an author that I “Like” on my Facebook page.

fb11Along those same lines was a story I have been following of a nice young lady who was searching for her birth mother using the Facebook masses of folks.

After several heartbreaking posts, well wishes and prayers, she finally found the woman who … just a few days ago … turned out to be her birth mother.

Now, I’m not saying they shouldn’t have had the DNA tests done to prove it all, but seriously … look at these side-by-side pictures here.fb12

She definitely takes after her Mom.

Then there is the friend of mine who is a retired Vet.

Most all of his posts are like the picture here at the left of the much-decorated man.

Or there are posts of various Veteran related groups that he supports. It is always heartwarming to hear of the various efforts being made to support our Veterans.

Especially for those who are fighting a new war here at home … dealing with injuries from combat … and challenges from the VA system.

fb10These Seven Cardinal Rules in Life are some of the many feel-good posts that another friend has invariably in her Facebook feed.

She is incredibly optimistic and always Likes posts that her friends make out on Facebook.

Needless to say, happy quotes, inspirational sayings, and pictures of dogs, horses … and elephants … seem to fill her Facebook page.

I find myself Like-ing her posts a lot.

Everybody should have a friend like that.fb13

Then there are the artistic folks. Those people who excel in photography, graphic arts, cooking, sculpting and other non-writing types of creative endeavors.

Yes … shameless plug … the picture on the left is one that my brother took of a flower in his garden. He has become quite the photographer. Very creative.

Runs in the family.

I also like the posts from Oatmeal … his are mostly Facebook postings about his blog page which contains a lot of creative cartoons.

fb9But the ones that I like the best are the ones that … for all the world … I think they were looking over my shoulder when the took the picture … or wrote the quote … or drew the cartoon.

A lot of these are by Stephan Pastis … of Pearls Before Swine. Yes a Facebook friend. You will recall him from one of my first posts here.

But here are two of my recent favorites.

Friends will know that they could easily have been written about me … or by me.

They fit.

What can I say?