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Main NPR building in Washington DC on that sam...

Main NPR building in Washington DC on that same Sunday morning c. 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, maybe not REALLY a star. But I am definitely in a really nice promotional video …

For those of you who are constant readers here, you know that I am an on-air announcer at the local NPR station.

You know … “The Weather is weathery …” and “You’re listening to ….” and “All Things Considered is supported by members like you and …” That kind of stuff.

I love doing it. I still cannot believe they let me play with all those big kid toys.

Oh, and I’ve been told … a lot … that I have a voice for radio. Who knew? Turns out I do.

But you will see … if you look closely … that I definitely do not have the hair for radio. My hair … the bane of my existence.

Depending on which posts you look at here on the Happy Holly Project, you will see that I have uncontrollably naturally curly hair. Curly hair which is sometimes blown out straight … a condition which will last only until my hair gets wet.

Oh, and when I ride roller coasters or ride in convertibles … out in the open air which I absolutely love

… my hair does its own thing. Yes. Thing is definitely the best word for it.

Please keep this in mind as you watch the video.

Yes that is me pushing the button … me looking over somebody’s shoulder … my maroon logo zipped hoodie … and me looking … happy?

Normally I would go on at length about this, but let me just put this out there for you to look at.

Oh, and if you are anywhere in this area, we really could use a few good volunteers.