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… he said with an Amish accent … “the Jacob that put on your metal roof a few months ago?”

Ah, that Jacob with the Amish accent. There are so many Jacobs with Amish accents in my life after all.

“And how are you doing, Holly?” he asked.

“Oh fine” I answered, as my eyes struggled to stay open. They do that a lot, early on a Saturday morning after having been up late the night before.

Wracking my brain to think what on earth he could be calling for … another job? … left some tool here five months ago? … on the run from the Amish Police? … do they even have Amish Police? … and would I be his first choice of refuge if he was on the run?

It’s funny how many thoughts can run through your mind quickly when you are basically still in semi-dream mode.

“I just wanted to let you know that we have opened the country store for the season.” he continued. “There are some tomatoes from the greenhouse, lots of baked goods, fresh eggs, canned goods, and lots of plants if you want to have a garden.”

“Oh, thank you” I said. I may be semi-conscious, but I’m not impolite. Plus the reputation of these little Amish stores are well known in this area … if you know where they might be.

“Just come to the house where you dropped me off that one time … all the way up the road … and we will be at the top of the hill there.” he said.

“Sounds like a good idea” I said.

And it did. Sound like a good idea. For many hours later.

But of course since I had been awakened and had already had a conversation, the chances of me falling back to sleep were slim to none.

So not too much further into the day, I found myself along with my trusty friend Texas Linda, riding in her trusty Ford F-150 along the various trusty country roads toward the Amish Store.

One thing about the Amish area around here. They are kind of a totally independent community, except for the occasional trip to town for things not made by neighbors. For example, there are no shoe making neighbors in this area.

But I decided to take some pictures to give you an idea of some of the things that are provided in this small tight-knit community.

amish area (20) amish area (18)All of the houses and business areas will have a place for the transportation of choice … horse and buggy.

For those who may not know they are in Amish country, road signs give you an indication … as do the gifts left on the road by the horses.

Somehow I didn’t think a picture was needed.

amish area (37)Then there are the indications of times gone by … some kinds of outdoor furnaces and whatnot.

I really am not an expert on these kinds of things, but they are all over in this area.

Seems their use for the most part these days is for the occasional photographer.

amish area (30)Of course there is the local school and meeting-house. I know that is what this is because I was there when the shooting in Newtown occurred.

If you look very closely you will see the schoolhouse / meeting-house on the right, the outhouse on the left, and the lawnmower hard at work in the center.

Then there are the various stores, farms, businesses and whatnot.
I really tried to get pictures of the Sawmill, the Cabinet Shop, the Spice Store, the Cider Press, the Dairy, the various Country Stores and so on, but I only got pictures of a few.

Then we arrived at the sign for the store owned by Jacob and his family. amish area (36)

Fortunately I had been there several times in the course of the roof construction so I knew where we needed to turn.

As we crept up the long winding road, there was a sign which said “Watch Children”.

“Oh good” said Linda “They have watch children. I wonder if that is any better than watch dogs?”

Gotta love my friends.

Yes, that is Jacob in the picture. Once inside, we were introduced to Jacobs mother … and assured her that all her sons were excellent craftsmen and hard workers.

She smiled at that.

There were several plants outside which could be purchased … and many jars of varying sizes and styles filled with homemade concoctions. Jelly, jam, preserves, sauerkraut, honey, apple butter … you name it, they had it.

When I asked about getting some eggs, Jacob ran … literally … up to the nearby chicken coop.

A few minutes … and several loud chicken sounds … later, he returned carrying a basket full of fresh farm eggs. I had to fight the overwhelming feeling that I had just kidnapped someone’s child or something. But the eggs looked large and brown and great.

After choosing several items … balm for my hands, vegetables for my dinner, plants for my house, honey for my tea … and this yummy Butter Walnut Pie I’m munching on now … we left the store.

Butter Walnut Pie? Think Pecan Pie … only with tons of Black Walnuts. Yes, it is that good. And I have never seen or tasted anything like it anywhere. Not too sweet, perfect crust … and walnuts. Sorry. No picture.

I think I will return the container that they gave me for the eggs. Somehow I am sure they will find a use for it again.

And I have no doubt that we will go back there. I know that I will.

They have tomatoes growing. Ones that will taste like tomatoes. I can’t wait.