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But it made me laugh out loud. Seriously.

OK, out on the “internets” today, I saw a clip from a newspaper. At least it looked like a clip from a newspaper. And it made me laugh out loud.



One person commented “He slipped and fell on a pile of marines” It made me laugh so hard, I thought I might have to turn in my Pacifist Person Membership card or something.

But doing a little more research for this blog, I was told that the newspaper clipping was not real. It was a hoax. And who knows better about hoaxes than Snopes.com?

Reality? It is a combination of truth and exaggerated fiction.  The Marine was stabbed, the man was shoplifting, but his wounds were not all that were outlined in the last paragraph.

So it made me wonder about the things that people jump to conclusions about. A lot of the jumping is done by political fans on both sides of the fence.

I remember last year getting an irate email from a relative who is convinced that President Obama is something of an Anti-Christ. In the picture, he and Michelle are shown pledging allegiance incorrectly. And all the email-ees were outraged. Absolutely outraged.

Except it was a fake. Photoshopped.

 handheart handheart2

The temptation is great to just agree blindly with the picture, or quote, or fake clip when it supports your particularly strongly held belief. But it does nobody any good to not question these things.

In one instance it went around that Obama, in a fit of anger kicked down a door.  It was Photoshopped.  If you click on the link you will see the original and the fake one shown here.



And here we are only hours after the Tornado that tore through Oklahoma. And there are already folks who are claiming that it was a government plot. Or saying that other people are saying it was a government plot.

As if the government could do that.


There is a broadcaster out there who finds conspiracy theories behind every door and under every bed. His name is Alex Jones. And he made some comment about how the government controlled the weather in order to divert attention from the other things going on in the news. 



Surely he is just saying these things to see how many people will jump on board and agree. Surely he is kidding about all of these things.

He reminds me a great deal of Phil Hendrie … a broadcaster that I used to hear on the radio as my ex and I would travel through the south. He was quite obviously a phony … and would mimic voices as though they were other people … “guests” as it were … on his program.

It was amazing how many incredibly irate people would call in to the station and rant and rave about the “guests” and what they had said.

Sometimes you really have to wonder. Good thing we all know this stuff is fake.