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… to the First Anniversary of the Happy Holly Project.

And I need your help. Or at least your input.

OK. In a nutshell.

It was on June the 24th of last year that I decided, on the suggestion of my friend Ann, to help refocus my efforts after sitting around sadly for some months following a horrid breakup.

So every day … and I do mean every day … since then, I have written something in the blog here. After a period of time I started a Facebook Page to go with it. And every day (except May 21st for some reason) the blog entry here was noted on the Facebook Page there.

There is a countdown at the bottom of the page … and has been since the start. Now it has switched from counting months to counting days.

According to the counter there are twenty days to go till one year … the official project goal … is complete.

In observation of that day … and the days following that day … I have decided to change the image at the top of the page.

It has … most days … been the black and white image you see here.

chateau-defaultOver the holidays last year, I created one to celebrate the festive season … and how my name fit that season. And I created the image you see here.


And then there was the month of April … the NaPoWriMo project … the National Poetry Writing Month project … in which I wrote something poetic every day of that month. This was based loosely on the NaNoWriMo project which got me started in my writing “career” on 11/1/11.

So I created a logo for the top of the pages that were NaPoWriMo blog posts, using the image shown here.


But most of the days it has been the default, black and white image of the Chateau. The one my cousin kidded about not having a place to sit.

So to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Happy Holly Project, I have decided to do two new images.

One will be for the day itself. For June 24th. I have some thoughts … but nothing etched in concrete.

One will be for the site itself … post June 24th. I think its time for a facelift. Or more accurately a bloglift. And I think its time to introduce some color into the logo at the top of the page.

Classic Black and White has served me well … in many ways … for this initial writing effort. But its time to change.

I am not sure what I will do after the year is officially up. I haven’t missed a day yet, so maybe I will force myself to skip a day. Maybe not.

But in the “for what its worth” department, I am looking for any and all suggestions as to what to do with the new image at the top of the blog pages.

You can either make a comment below, or fill out the form I am going to put at the bottom here, or you can send an email to holly@happyhollyproject.com

All of these ways should work. Any ideas of thoughts are welcome.

And thank you.

And yes, I have this out there as a Page as well as a Post. Can’t have too many good ideas.