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… are sitting in a hotel lobby together.

Sounds like the start of a good joke, you say?


Okay, then how about this …

Three Little Old Ladies walk into a restaurant.

100_0428The eighty year old says “Oh look, there’s my College Professor.”

The seventy year old says “Yes, I had him my Senior Year … three years ago.”

The sixty year old says “There’s a blog entry in here somewhere …” and takes a picture of the water feature.

So here is the great unanswered question … A Math Professor and an Anthropology Professor ask Three Little Old Ladies out to Sunday Brunch … 

Is the answer –

A) They really like the Three Little Old Ladies?
B) They really take pity on the Three Little Old Ladies?
C) They are really conducting some kind of convoluted Anthropological Study … with Mathematical Analysis. 

Personally, I think the answer is D) None of the above – they did it for the sheer entertainment value of the thing.

100_0427The three Little Old Ladies are among the funniest, most lively people I know … but then I might be just a teeny little bit prejudiced.

Halfway through the meal it was discovered that of the five, there was one person in each of five decades of life. Forties, Fifties, Sixties, Seventies and Eighties.

The food was great.
The company was great.
The laughter was great.

Turns out happiness comes in many forms.

And it’s all great.