Well, that was easy.

English: Public phone in Okains Bay.

English: Public phone in Okains Bay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It started with a little run around town … and ended up with a quick stop at the local AT&T Store.

Short Story Long:

I had a phone on a joint account with an ex years ago … him as the primary account holder.

Exit ex … couldn’t separate my phone number from the account with AT&T.  At the time we had a great 750 minute a month plan with roll-over.

Verizon was delighted to separate me and my number from the joint account. And did.

I transferred to Verizon for a few years now. Plan has been almost $60 a month … 450 minutes … no roll-over … voice only … text for additional charge.

Flash Forward:

… to the point where Holly is looking at all of her bills … to see where she is spending too much.

And suddenly paying $60 a month for 450 minutes of voice only … plus a text or two at extra charge … didn’t seem like such a deal.

Especially since I only used 170 minutes last month … on maybe ten different days … which is a typical month. Roughly 35 cents a minute.

The Good News:

AT&T has a plan … on the Go Phone … where you pay $2 a day … and only on the days you use the phone … and it includes unlimited voice and text.

So even if I use it thirty days a month, it is no more than I am currently paying Verizon. And I get Text, which I did not have included … until today.

The Bad News:

I had to buy another phone.

The Good News:

It only cost $29.99.

The Bad News:

It does not have Nuance Voice Recognition … so I can’t ride down the highway and say to my phone “Call Mom and Dad”.

Well, I can do that, but the phone does not then dial my parents automatically.

Not quite sure what I might do about that.

The Good News:

But for right now … at the rate I use a cell phone … the card I just bought should last about five months.

Thank you, AT&T … wherever you are.