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Cat (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

… it wouldn’t go away.

Or so I understand the lyrics to go.

It is a childhood song, but I don’t remember ever hearing it from my childhood.

The story is of a cat. That cannot be … eliminated.

The refrain goes something like this:

But the cat came back, he wouldn’t stay away
He was sitting on the porch the very next day
The cat came back, he didn’t want to roam
The very next day it was Home, Sweet Home.

And in each verse the owner tries some new creative way to get rid of the cat.

The wording varies depending on who is telling the story.

In various cases, the cat is said to have been …

            • sold to a neighbor
            • thrown out a car window
            • given to a traveling salesman
            • blown out of a cannon
            • put in a sack and thrown in a river
            • put in a balloon and set off to float away
            • placed on a leaving boat
            • thrown in the back of a truck
            • left in a tornado
            • abandoned in a war

And each time, the cat returns.

Now I’m not going to specifically say what happened today. All I’ll say is this. Several people mentioned this childhood song today.

Some people resemble that cat.