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… at least in this case he is.

And for that matter, I am not even sure he was a he. Although lord knows I got a good close up look at his … underpinnings.

For the next two days I have decided to relive … re-enjoy … and share some of the pictures of the Balloon Launch I attended over the weekend … quite by accident.

That’s what happens when you jump in the car and just head out in no particular direction … for the most part … and stop when you are tired … pretty much. Then you ask what is happening in the area.

You have already heard one part of my adventure the other day … in which four intrepid … and very drunk … balloon team members arrived at the room next to me.

So the following evening … long after hangovers had worn off supposedly … the balloonists once more found themselves getting ready for battle.

Tomorrow will be devoted to some pretty cool pictures of regular colorful balloons.

But today I am sharing the last balloon. The one that took the longest to inflate. The one that wasn’t actually launched at all.

The Elephant.

There was an Indian couple behind me with a young boy hoisted on shoulders.

“What is that? Is that an animal? Can you tell what it is?” said the father in a strong Indian accent.

“No.” said the boy.

Disappointment. Clearly many Indian Jungle Books had been read to the youngster.

“Do you see that it is an animal?” he tried again.

“No.” said the boy.

“Do you think it is a monkey?” the father said … repeatedly.

“No” said the boy.

I’m with the boy.

It looked like a huge mass of grey plastic. And when it was finally inflated, the balloons’ … um … address (as my Aunt would say) was the part facing the crowd.

Eventually it was turned around and children and adults alike were allowed to walk across the field to get an up close look.

But it never was released. 

“OK kids … Peanut has to go to sleep now … time to move away from the balloon.” You can probably still hear the little ones cries today.

Not a popular choice.

So without further ado … and all due apologies for bad photography … The Elephant.