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balloon (45)… well, at least as far as Hot Air Balloon pictures go.

My hot air writing will continue … as usual.

There were so many balloons this weekend to see. And I am guessing that there might be some significance to some of the designs that are displayed on them.

All of them were creative in one way or another.

At the entrance, one kind person had his balloon semi inflated with non-fiery air … which allowed folks to get up close and go inside the balloon to see what it was all about.

balloon (44) I resisted the incredible urge to run inside and jump around like the children were doing … but I did get a few pictures.

It seemed like forever until the teams began to unpack their balloons. First the baskets. Then unrolling the Balloon itself. Then laying the basket on it side to attach the two for their upcoming venture into the sky.

I took a lot of photos of the whole process. And envied the people up in the balloons themselves. It has been a long time since I have been in one of them … perhaps thirty years.

Sound to me like it is time to add it to my new-and-improved Bucket List.

Here are some of the pictures. Feel free to click on them to see more detail.