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Video slide used by KEYC-TV to announce an EBS...

Video slide used by KEYC-TV to announce an EBS test, c. 1990 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… well hardly ever.

Except it happened tonight. Every fifteen to twenty minutes. During my radio shift.

The Emergency Alert thing that you only hear once in a blue moon … when they say “This is a test. This is only a test. If it was a real emergency …”

Yeah. Well.

Tonight it was not a test. Tonight it was an emergency.

And when it wasn’t an emergency it was me changing the line up of what was to be read to read instead all the Weather Warnings.

Tonight there were

Tornado Watches
Tornado Warnings
Sever Thunderstorm Warnings
Flood Warnings
Flash Flood Watches
Thunderstorm Watches

Yep. I think I have them in the right order of importance. There is a list … an order to read them in when there is more than one to be read.

You start reading at every break with the Tornado Watches, then keep on reading for as much time as you have in the break.

The only exception is the station identification at the top of the hour. Oh, and the Underwriters. But tonight even they got read reallyreallyreally quickly. Everything else went by the wayside.

And then … right in the middle of … anything … would be that godawful shrill sounding Emergency Alert followed by a Warning of some sort or another. Tonight it included Tornadoes and Floods and Closed Roads.

After that the little emergency unit out in the office would go off … and I had to go turn it off … and add or subtract the new information … and maybe type up a new weather sheet.

Why am I telling you all this?

Not only because it was a first with the Emergency Broadcast System Alerts … and do you have ANY idea how incredibly loud those things are??? Just saying … hope you are not wearing headphones when they start.

But it is also because I think this pretty much covers anything that could go wrong at the station. And I am still hanging in there.

OK, I haven’t locked myself out in the middle of a shift or had a fire in the office or anything like that. But other than that …

And I still like it every bit as much as ever.