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Stop Sign

Stop Sign (Photo credit: ladybeames)

… what happened to old traffic signs after they had seen better days.

Now I know.

At least I know what happens to a whole batch of ones in Pennsylvania.

In the latest edition of Where’s Holly? This weekend I came across the cutest Department of Transportation building I have ever seen.


DOT. Cute. Let me explain.

Some very creative individual or individuals took a whole batch of signs … like STOP signs and Speed Limit signs and Route signs and other colorful signs … and put them to creative good use to make a fence around the storage yard where they keep equipment and whatnot.

And in front of the building itself, several of the signs were made into large flowers and whatnot.

This weekend, my trusty friend Linda is wandering hither and yon with me. So as we drove by the DOT building I drove slowly while Linda hung out the car window taking pictures.

Fellow drivers did not approve.

There were two lanes after all. And what harm could two little old ladies taking pictures do anyway?

The way I figure it we gave them something to talk about at dinner tonight.

And it gave me the raw material for a banner across the top of the blog when I (finally) get around to doing those license plate blog entries I promised months ago.