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... at least as far as my Aunt is concerned.

And another weekend at the lake comes to a close. But this weekend was different. This weekend I had company.

My Aunt and Uncle … who grew up around here … and live not too far from here. Yes, the word is getting out. Holly is close-by. I only have myself to blame. It was pretty much unknown … not that anyone would want to find me.

But last weekend I took a picture of the lake from the porch of the old Hotel … and included my foot for good measure.

The next day I got a call from said Aunt. I believe the first words were “Where ARREE you?” followed by “Never mind. I KNOW where you are! What are you doing on MY PORCH??”

Seems she spent time here in her life as well. Nothing like a fine family tradition, eh?

So this weekend I had the pleasure of being driven all around the perimeter of the lake and many places nearby. Lots of “I used to go to school with the girl/boy who lived in that house” and whatnot.

But one of the nicest places was what she called “My Ideal House … The Perfect House”

Picture a cute little Cape Cod type house … overlooking the lake … long stretches of cool green grass. Landscaping to die for. And a view that some might call a million dollar view.

Actually, you don’t have to picture it … here is a picture or eleven of the place. I even included a picture of the brown house to its right and the white house to its left.

I could happily live here.

Unfortunately, I think you would need not only more money than I have … but also a willing seller … to make that happen. But hey, what are dreams for, right?