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091222-barbara%20jAnd I thought the old-fashioned boat rides were not in production anymore … at least not around these parts.

This weekend, tonight, there was a wedding reception (color: yellow) upstairs and on the porch … and another wedding reception (everyone wore black or white or both) on the lower floor and lawn … and another wedding on the shore at sunset (color: anything casual … no ties or jackets) and a family reunion.

Then suddenly a paddle boat slowly made its way up the lake to the beachfront here.

And out streamed a herd of loud laughing hooting … dare I say drunken? … folks from up the way led by a running bride and groom in bare feet. Running toward the paddle boat.

Several applause laden rounds of hooting and hollering later, the boat began its trip around the lake to parts unknown. As it disappeared out of sight, the boat tooted a loud couple of steam sounding horn blasts.

And the loud-speaker congratulated the bride and groom saying “What better way to start life together than to cruise around the lake with friends and family?”

What better way, indeed …