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English: The mdonalds logo from the late 90s

English: The McDonalds logo from the late 90s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… when you keep your eyes and options open.

Sounds good in theory, right? Also good in principal and fact as it turns out.

Even at McDonald’s.

As you may know, I am spending entirely too much time this summer (read: weekends) at an old (and I do mean old) Hotel by a lake several hours from my house.

And today I was totally being frustrated by the fact that the Hotel’s internet connection was not working. which is how I found myself sitting here in the local McDonalds munching on some … um … diet *cough* McNuggets and Hot Mustard Sauce … and typing on my PC.

I was told once that nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God’s World by mistake. And sometimes things in Man’s World work out pretty interestingly as well.

Okay, so I may have mentioned before that I like people. All kinds of people. And for whatever reason, people seem comfortable talking with me. (And yes I am still a card-carrying introvert … but …)

 I have just given directions to a nice Amish lady who came in the back door here where I am sitting. No, I didn’t look to see what she was riding in. And no, I didn’t go through all the blog entries here on the Amish.

Then, as I typed here, up walked the most interesting lady looking for a power outlet for her phone.  We started to talk.

This resulted in the most wonderful Grandmother – Mother – 2 Granddaughter group sitting here … just traveling through. They were looking for a power outlet for their devices, and finding none, yours truly offered to let them use this PC as a power source to do what needed done.

Oh. The other thing?

They are from French Guinea … at least Grandma is … and they were travelling from Virginia through to Toronto, Canada.

So had I not come here to do my blog entry, I would not have had the wonderful conversation of how a woman from West Africa had come to this country. Had learned English … when she already knew French and 8 dialects from Guinea and Mali … and had raised her two children in her new country.

I would not have seen the impromptu ballet performance by the two granddaughters (4 and 2) nor seen the glow of pride and love in the Grandmothers eyes. I would not have witnessed the strength and love shared by two extraordinary women.

And I would not have had this blog entry.

Sometimes, you just never know how things are going to work out.