English: A typical FedEx Ground truck. Photogr...

English: A typical FedEx Ground truck. Photographed in Mountain View, on August 26, 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… it means they still haven’t fixed the Internet Connection at the old Hotel where I am staying.

It also means I am too lazy today to make the trip in to town to sit at the McDonald’s and type.

Yes, I can get that lazy.

But have no fear. Even as I type, there is a Virgin U600 USB Internet device sitting … somewhere … at my house. At least that’s what the delivery status of FedEx says.

So the next time I come up here, yours truly will have the means to do blogs and whatnot without relying on anybody else’s hotspot.

Which means I have to come up with another excuse for not will definitely be doing my blog entry.