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… or more accurately, a Tale Of Two People Flying To Two Cities.

I just found it odd that two people I knew were doing roughly the same thing on the same day, but with different experiences. So the story, well, stories begin on both coasts.

In Story One, we have a person flying from the West to the East to a City to do good.

In Story Two, we have a person flying from the East to the West to a City to do good.

travellerIn Story One, our protagonist (PT) is a well seasoned air traveler, who is used to being seated comfortably. But as we all must … there is a line to wait in … for boarding … which prompted the following between the protagonist (PT) and a good friend (GF):

“Air travel annoyance #618 — this woman ignored the long line for Group 1 boarding, moved in at the edge of the Group 2 line, and has been migrating leftward at about 1 inch per minute for the last 10 minutes…” says PT

“That’s the worst! And in my experience, rarely do they turn anyone back to the line when they try to board out of turn.” says GF

Another few minutes … and inches … pass.

“They always have a lame excuse” grumbles GF

“Oh well — I should be used to it by now. ” says PT

“She’s pretending to be busy reading messages on her phone, probably thinking to herself that nobody will notice the encroachment.  When it comes to queue etiquette, there will always be violators.” says GF

And the flight goes on.

In Story Two, our protagonist (PT) is a well seasoned traveler, though more by land than by air. Following a night spent at a hotel near the airport … swimming comfortably, hot-tubbing in the room, and enjoying the large comfortable bed … our protagonist (PT) ends up in a seat next to a frequent flyer. (FF).

“Would you like this coupon?” says FF

Looking down and seeing it as a coupon for a free drink PT says “No thanks, I don’t really drink, but thanks anyway”

“Neither do I, but they keep giving these things to me.” says FF.

“Oooh Oooh, I drink!!” says the third person in the row, hands waving wildly. The ticket is handed over.

This is followed by a lively discussion between PT and FF … about life … about travel … about jobs … about being single and lonely.

And the flight goes on.

The end of the story goes like this. Both protagonists arrive at their destinations. Both go to the final destinations. Both do their good deeds for the day / week / month. Both are welcomed with open arms.

One called me to say “Have I got a guy for you! I have it figured out … all you have to do is get on airplanes and fly a lot and you will meet some great men.”

Great idea.

And I’ll be paying for this … how ???