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The Bucket of Coronas

The Bucket of Coronas (Photo credit: **Mary**)

… when two guys walked up the hall to the room … right next to mine … each one carrying a large cooler full of ice.

A third carried beer and bottles of hard liquor.

Normally I would smile and make some offhand comment like “Hey! Party! Your room!” or something like that. Unfortunately in this case I was pretty sure that was exactly what would happen.

And it did.

There was a wonderful fireworks display (more on that tomorrow) at 10 PM and lots of very nice people up for the long weekend of concerts, rides, boating and whatnot.

Okay … in a side note … here in WordPressLand when you type something they give you suggested words for Tags that people might use to find your blog entry. Based on what they have seen me type so far, the suggestions are right-to-die and end-of-life.

It wasn’t quite that bad.

It was, however the ending to a long day for them which I am guessing included the wedding that had its reception at the Hotel or the other wedding that decided to stay at the Hotel. Or it could have been some of the BIKE – BEER – BEACH folks who rolled into town yesterday.

But my money is on the weddings … based on the way they acted. How did they act, you ask?

Well, since I was asleep until 12:30 I can’t really vouch for the time leading up to that … but at 12:30 there began an endless stream of shrieks, slamming doors, giggles, running up and down the hall, yelling … oh … and my favorite … the people next door continually trying in vain to open the door between their room and mine.

 And why didn’t I call the front desk to complain, you ask?

Well, for starters there are no phones in the rooms. It is a VERY old Hotel in the process of being renovated. Oh, and there is no phone at the front desk either.

So rather than play the aging grumpy old woman stomping down to the front desk to demand the young whippersnappers settle down, I turned up the air conditioner to drown some of the noise out and reminded myself that I was young once too.

No … now that I think of it … I didn’t behave like that when I was a teenager. Now my thirties? That’s a different story.

But I digress.

I pulled up my PC and was lucky to get through to the internet briefly. Then I curled up with my beloved Nook to read the book I had been working through yesterday.

Finally at almost three o’clock the party died down … at least enough that they weren’t doing the slamming of doors anymore … and I was able to get back to sleep.

However, my internal alarm clock got me up at 7-ish this morning as always. 

I trudged downstairs to enjoy some strong coffee. Not a tea day I’m afraid. And out on the porch were a few other couples my age … from my floor and from the floor above me.

Turns out it wasn’t much better up there for folks wanting to actually sleep at 2 in the morning. Much grumbling ensued.

“I just don’t know why they didn’t stop those people.” said one woman.

“Did you let the front desk know?” I asked.

“No” she replied.

Asking others, they all shook their head no. “And neither did I”, I added.

In retrospect, when I left my room early this morning, I should have turned the television on … full blast … with some appropriate early morning farm show or Sunday morning religious show. But I didn’t.

I did slam the door loudly when I left the room though … twice.