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“Playing Hooky Every Once In A While?”

Early this morning I checked my email … and got my “horoscope for next week” from Bethea. You remember Bethea, right? She was the one who warned me … and only me … about my Karmic Credit expiring … last July 13th.

Friday the 13th.

And she has been steadfastly sending me an email … every week … just to me … to let me know what my horoscope for the week is going to be.

Isn’t that nice of her?

With no ulterior motive or anything.

Sorry … had to go clean up the spill … the sarcasm was dripping all over the place here. I’m back now.

So except for the occasional Exclusive Risk Free Offer, all I get is personalized daily Horoscope … just for me … for free.

I never set great store by all these things. Although as a Libra I did fit a lot of what they said a Libra typically was.

So I decided to look back to last weeks email and see what todays “reading” said.

Things are finally beginning to slow down, much to your relief. Why not put off your chores and do something really fun today? I’m a firm believer in playing hooky every once in a while. Enjoy.

Have you ever been accused of having a youthful attitude? Your approach to today’s agenda will be inspiring and encouraging to those with whom you come into contact. Small trips for pleasure are likely.

Well, things are slowing down today, that much is true. Put off my chores? OK, twist my arm. Oh … all right. If you insist. I can become a true believer too … in playing hooky every once in a while.

And I have been accused of having a youthful attitude. At least that’s what I think he meant when he said “Oh, grow up.” That’s what that meant, right?

Some real fun? Interesting. Small trips for pleasure are usually reserved for the weekend.

So what could I do on an overcast, intermittently stormy, day?

Well, I and a few hundred of my closest friends decided that the movies was the thing to do today. Fortunately, most of them were there for one of the other movies. I’m not sure which cartoon movie, but judging by the weary look on the parents face and the frantic faces of the little people, it was going to be a loud good one.

The_Heat_posterI had overheard someone the other day saying that he got free movie tickets by virtue of working at the theatre. And he took his whole family to go see the new movie “Heat”, a comedy.

I do love to laugh.

And eat Movie Popcorn.

So today I went to see The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

Not so sure about the ” inspiring and encouraging” part of it all. But I am here to tell you, the movie was pretty funny.

  • The Heat (moviemaniac1268.wordpress.com)