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At least that’s what “Bethea” says in the frantic email she sent … especially to me … to warn me … and she wouldn’t lie about something as serious as Karmic Credit. On a Friday the 13th. Right?

The Karmic Credit warning was sent along with a generous offer for Past Life Memory Oil, a Magical Teardrop Pendulum, a special answer-giving Dowsing Card, ten sticks of the most powerful Magical Incense, two “Inner Light” pure beeswax candles, a Past Life Dream Paper (with instructions), and the official “Secrets of Your Past Lives” guide book.

All for a mere $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling … and the “Psychic’s Crystal”  … free … because I am special.

Um, yeah.

It being Friday the 13th and all, you never know. But somehow I didn’t think that the offer, generous though it was, was the exact right thing for the Happy Holly Project today.

So instead, I made coffee, checked the obituaries (I was not there today), read my Facebook and emails … and headed off in the heat and humidity in the Ford F-150 belonging to my friend Texas Linda (with official “Native Texan” bumper sticker in the rear window … and TXAS BELL vanity plates) with both Linda and Ann to go to pick up the newest addition to my house.

A wicker dresser and two bed stands for the bedroom re-do.

Then to reward ourselves, I treated my friends and I to a lunch at Duffy’s Tavern. Ah yes … now this fine establishment is located in Boalsburg, only blocks from the cemetery where Memorial Day was first celebrated, shortly after the Civil War.

And of course, since Duffy’s was founded in 1819 by Colonel James Johnson and his wife Hannah Bethesda, there have been tales of hauntings and whatnot … and killer hamburgers. A perfect place for lunch on Friday the 13th …

On arriving, as we got out of the truck, I was met with an ear shattering scream. Ghosts? No …. just my friend Ann. Had she seen a ghost?

No. A chicken.

That’s right. A chicken. Three of them actually.

Ann has a deadly fear of small barn animals as it turns out. And, even more unusual was the fact that there were several brightly colored chickens wandering freely about the Tavern area and outdoor Patio … walking between there and the Museum across the street at will.

Nobody cared why they were crossing the road.

So after prying Ann off the side of the Ford truck, and assuring her that is was not bad luck to walk near a chicken on Friday the 13th, we proceeded to go into Duffy’s Tavern for the promised excellent hamburger. And they were. Excellent.

And the temperature was a moderate seventy degrees, without air conditioning. A welcome relief from the heat and humidity. Which had wreaked havoc on my naturally curly hair. Well, that and the fact that the windows were down on the truck the whole time.

Linda … always the kidder … felt obliged to capture this in a picture … please do not click on the picture to see it larger unless you are strong of stomach. Trust me … I will thank Linda appropriately at some future time.

Now since we had come there for the recommended hamburgers, we did not avail ourselves of the tempting specials of the day. Although they were described in great detail. And did indeed sound mouthwatering and delicious. But for some reason none of us felt like partaking.

The specials were … wait for it … Almond Chicken Soup … and a Grilled Chicken Salad – Crisp lettuce mix topped with Monterey Jack & Cheddar Cheeses, fries, tomato, cucumbers, and carrots.


Go check their web site … As of today that’s what it was.

For some reason I’m thinking that the Karmic Credit of our new friends the chickens is about to expire.