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… trapped in the body of a sixty year old woman.

And no, this does not mean I have multiple personalities. It means that today … as many others … the childlike quality in my heart just gets the better of me.

“Says you” says the four year old.

Like today … at the park … for the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the wooden roller coaster The Blue Streak.

“I love it I love it”

Today I bought a five dollar wristband … and went on all the rides in the park.

“Yipp… Wait … you missed that one ride … remember? … the one that spun around … that the little kid threw up on.”

The best one was a tie. It was either the Merry Go Round or the Blue Streak.

“The Merry Go Round had the cool Giraffe”

There is a definite story about where I sat on the Merry Go Round … about it being the seat where my Aunt used to take her daily naps as a child … looking up the Giraffe’s “address”.

“But the Roller Coaster made me scream !!”

Yeah, about that. It was a combination of thrill of the ride … and abject fear of its current construction. But I figured if everyone else made it out alive … And for those of you who are constant readers, you know I am a big fan of old wooden roller coasters.

The area in front of the ride had a display of cakes and whatnot that folks had made in honor of the occasion.

And there were no fewer than five different calliope type organ band machines … all playing the singularly beautiful music.

“The music made me happy.”

And there were at least four different organ grinders.

“Two hours! I lasted two hours!!” Says the four year old trapped in the sixty year old body.

“Two Hours! Felt like three days.” says the sixty year old body.


What a great thing to do. Best five bucks I have spent in years. Oh, plus the other five for hot dog, mozzarella sticks … you know … healthy amusement park stuff.

Which I am happily munched on back in my quiet air conditioned room. Oh lord have mercy. I need to lose like fifty pounds before I try something like that again.

But then … I still have the wristband … and it is good all day.


Okay … maybe only thirty … but I think I am too old and too fat … mostly fat … to be jumping on and off rides.

 What. A. Day.

What. A. Day.