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It started with a far off sound … A-OOOOO-GAH A-OOOOO-GAH.

Funny … that sounded just like the old cartoons … the black and white ones I saw as a child … with old cars that made that same sound.

Before too long the car pulled up the driveway. Sure enough. An original Model A.


This was followed in rapid succession by several more cars. All Model A’s. Well, there might have been a Model T in there … but then again … maybe not. Like I would be able to tell the difference.

Then out started to come the people. Flappers. Old school mechanics. Bowler hats.


At this point I asked some of the folks what was going on. It turns out the Penn-Ohio Model A Club was having one of their monthly get-togethers at the lake. Today.

Just to make sure that the cars could find their way, they put a large sign outside the building where lunch was to be held. And just for good measure, they parked an antique Model A out at the entrance to the park.

What else?

penn ohio (2) penn ohio (1)

At this point, dear reader I must apologize. I had been up late last night … and was up again very early (before 5AM) this morning … and had had a wonderful brunch with some folks I met yesterday. So I laid down to take a quick nap.

Thinking I could catch pictures of other folks when I got up … before they started their day long meeting behind closed doors.

I didn’t.

But I did get these great pictures of their cars which materialized while yours truly was napping. Probably fifty or so of them. I was told that there are maybe a million “out there” somewhere. And if I recall correctly there are over 400 members of this specific club … many members having multiple Model A’s.

It was phenomenal. I wish you all could have been there to see it in person. But in the absence of that, take a look at these pictures.