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Yes, the headlines of the day.

There is indeed a twelfth Dr. Who. I guess there can only ever be thirteen.

So the role will be taken over by actor Peter Capaldi.

In other headlines, it looks like Tiger Woods just won a tournament. The Bridgestone Invitational. Tiger who?

523406_10151731937666749_738737533_nAnd today is Barack Obama’s birthday as it turns out.

Lots of things going on.

Me? I’m just sitting here thinking of the past.

Thinking of times past and mistakes past.

untitledI was looking for a picture I had of a sign … something like “No thanks, I’d rather sit here and relive every mistake I have ever made in my life”. But all I could find was this picture. Well, you get the idea. Not a wonderful mental place to be.

So in an effort to try to cheer up, here are a few other posts from around the internet today.