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Some days no matter how you try to pull yourself up, the world just pummels you back down again. Hopefully we don’t have too many of those days … because they seem to come in groups.

Like maurauding gangs or something.

And as I alluded to yesterday, they seem to trigger a life of their own sometimes. Thank God I had the hateray shield firmly in place from this morning.

What is a Hateray Shield? Well, it started as a creation of my now ex-ex-sister-in-law. My ex divorced me, his brother divorced her. But back in the day she was … oh how shall I put this … a forceful individual in the family dynamic.

And not everyone appreciated that about her.

Which she sensed.

She also had no problems expressing what she sensed. Usually it took the form of a comment like “WOW, good thing I put on my Hateray Shield this morning to protect me from all the evil Hate Rays from everybody.”

Over time, she and I both left the family, but the phrase remained in my brain. It was true … a Hateray Shield did come in handy from time to time.

But even more helpful from time to time is a little show of support. The tricky thing is, you can’t usually just go out and say “Hey, how about a little show of support here. My life is really in the toilet.” Well, at least you can’t go out and say it without looking more than a little bit pathetic.

So in the last few days I have been blindsided by several pieces of without-a-doubt stunning news.

My reaction?


So how do you go about telling someone that if ever they were going to say you were not a total loser … or that they cared … or that they were rooting for you … or something … now would be a really good time to do it?

Without sounding totally pathetic that is.

Me? I do a pathetic blog entry about it all. And I call it “I Support You, Holly” And then I sit back and lamely hope that you all will read it and reload it over and over and over again.

So when I go look at the Dashboard here it says “I Support You, Holly” over and over and over again.

Yeah. I know. It’s cheating. But hey, I want to feel better. I just don’t want to do anything really healthy like asking for my needs to be met.

But reloading a web page? Anyone can do that … right?