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… because nothing messes up your Friday like realizing it’s only Tuesday, right?


So after weeks and weeks of weeks and weeks, it has all come to an end. Weeks of pushing, exhaustion, running, lifting, packing, doing, doing some more, driving, driving, driving, and finally … I am home in my own bed.

And my body screamed out for sleep. So. I. Did.

Here’s how my day went …

Woke up at 6 after sleeping off and on all night. More off than on.

Made a command decision to roll over and sleep some more.

Woke up just in time to rush cross town for a fifteen minute appointment at 8:45. Came home a half hour later, still dragging. Decided to take the day to catch up on sleep.

Slept some more.

Woken up at noon by a call from a friend waiting for someone … who needed a short chat. Had same. Disconnected phone. Rolled over.

Slept some more.

Woke up … decided to defrost meatballs for dinner … came back up and read part of book. Falling asleep.

Slept some more.

Woke up and read emails, read Facebook, marveled that John Fugelsang and Stephan Pastis look so much alike. They really do. I’ve met Stephan, you know.

jf2220px-Stephan_Pastispb130917And on that note and laughing at today’s Pearls Before Swine cartoon, I rolled over.

And slept some more.

Which brings me to now. Slightly after 6 in the evening. I remembered that there were meatballs in the microwave. Returned same to refrigerator for tomorrow.

I almost feel caught up on my sleep. Sounds like its time to read a little more of my book which will surely cause me to …

Sleep some more.

Tomorrow will no doubt be a really productive day. After all, I will have caught up on my sleep, right?

Sometimes life is really good.