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Ishihara Plate No. 23 (42)

Ishihara Plate No. 23 (42) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ishihara Plate No. 1 (12)

Ishihara Plate No. 1 (12) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, let me state for the record … I am not colorblind.

Really I am not.

I remember back when I first saw the Ishihara test circles, I aced the test.

No colorblindness here. No siree.

12. 42. And of course 42 is the ultimate answer to everything in the universe, right?

IMG_7622So when challenged to take a colorblind test, I couldn’t resist. I am thinking you can’t either.

FACT: 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency.Take the online color challenge, based on the official FM100 Hue Test by X-Rite.

Knowing that, although I have no depth perception, I have good color perception, i set about dragging and dropping the teeny tiny blocks of color. Moving them into proper order. At least proper order the way I saw it.

I was surprised to get a score of 19. Zero is the score for perfect color picking / ordering.

Not that I thought I’d really get a score of zero. But … well OK, I thought I would do better than 19.

The person who challenged me assured me this was great fun. And she got a 16.

Since it is a slow day out in WordPressLand today, I figured I’d give you something fun to do if you stumbled across my blog.

So go ahead. Beat 19.