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… 5310008. That’s 5310008.”

And a voice said “That’s MY number. Oh my gosh! I WON!” Laughter in the background.

The voice was mine.

Now it needs to be said that I never win … anything. I donate to causes. I buy chances on things. I enter contests now and then. And once in a great while I buy a lottery ticket or two.

But I never win.

Let’s back up to the whole story, shall we?

The last several weeks and months have been filled with the process of getting my parents resituated (is that even a word?) for proper care and getting the family home ready to be on the real estate market. 

Care was administered … Nervous breakdowns were enjoyed … and finally … last night … I went to see two old friends who were involved in a play.

My friend Jeanne, who is the Managing Director of a Community Theatre, was directing a play … The Odd Couple … which featured another fellow High School friend as Roy the accountant.

And of course I wanted to see them both.

oddcouplepromo Funny doesn’t even start to describe the play. It is a Neil Simon play after all.

But the extra fun of what was not happening on stage made the night.

First there was the usual chaos of tickets in the lobby. And requests to sit … anywhere but where the people had been given tickets.

Fortunately, in addition to directing the play of the evening, Jeanne can usually be found behind the ticket counter as well. Who knew a career using the “teacher finger and glare” would come in handy in the theatre?


Then there was the quiet lady who climbed the steps of the theatre in the round to sit at the end of the aisle several seats down from me. Sitting patiently with roses in hand, she told me the story.

She had reconnected with an old friend from many years past. Relationships had ended and the two of them had moved to be in the same city and start a new life together.

He played Felix.

The flowers were for him.

Then the couple that sat in the two seats beside me. Turns out that someone had left an empty Sprite bottle three seats down from me. Mr and Mrs Wonderful asked me get up so they could get to their seats.

No problem.

Until Mr. Wonderful reached over … picked up the empty bottle … and placed it in my open purse which I had left on my seat.

Excuse me?

So I unceremoniously picked up the bottle … said “Well, I don’t know whose bottle this is, but I will dispose of it.” and stomped away in as ladylike a manner as possible.

Out in the lobby, commiserating with Jeanne, she suggested I just take it into the stage area of the theatre in the round … and add it to the clutter on the floor of the set.

This was The Odd Couple set, after all.

I did so.

In full view of Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful.

And went up to get ready for the play.

A few comments and a quick name drop or two on my part and Mr. and Mrs. W were my new best friends.

As if.

The play was indeed wonderful. Funny. Poignant. And afterward I went up to my former classmate who had played Roy.

And had a long, long conversation … catching up … on things.

But the part that astounded me … the part I had not expected … was the 50/50 lottery. That found its way up to $70. And my friend Jeanne down on the floor / stage area. Asking for a non-ticket-buyer to pull a number.

And someone did.

My number.

Now, truth be told, I tried to give her back the money as a donation. But she refused to take it.

“I am so happy you won the raffle–the universe is responding in a small way to let you know that your sacrifices and kindnesses are recognized and appreciated–so a little money for gas reimbursement was appropriate!!!!”

Thanks, Universe!