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Why me? What is it with me and birds?

In general, I never wanted one as a pet or anything. But they seem to have a recurring role in my life. So I pay attention.

Constant readers may remember the effort on my part … a failed attempt … to get a picture of a Pileated Woodpecker which has been known to visit my property here.

In the “Things I Can’t Get A Decent Picture Of” category we also had my sighting of a Red Tailed Hawk.  Heard often.  Seen occasionally. Photographed never.

And of course, in one of the funniest situations in my recent past there was my nose-to-beak encounter with … The Stupidest Bird … Ever.

My friend Linda is an official member of a Bird Clan. So there is that, too.

My bird connection goes way back to my childhood. Not to tell too much, but the Cardinal has always had a special place in my heart. And seems to appear … or at least the sound of it is heard … just when I need support the most. My parents have been known to have … and I have photographed … up to a dozen cardinals in their back yard at  the same time.

Until recently.

They are now nowhere to be seen. Or heard. Not for weeks. So Holly chalks it up to “Maybe it’s just not Cardinal Season.” Although I don’t remember there ever being a lack of them anywhere.

I even got rid of the feline members of my household last year when one proudly walked in with a dead Cardinal in her mouth. The plan was to teach her kittens the hunting thing, I suppose. What it accomplished were a few horror filled words and … new homes for everyone!

Those of you constant readers also may know that the last several months have been involved with yours truly helping my parents move to a retirement community … and all that entails. Not a cardinal in sight.

In a quick trip back to the house here a few weeks ago to feed the Betta Fish and collect the mail, I was stunned while opening by door. There at the doorstep … well in one of the pots of herbs lining my steps actually … was a dead bird.

Bad sign. Bad sign. Bad sign.

So I did what any self-respecting home owner would do. Shrieked once. Then kicked the herb container off the steps … insuring that all the potting soil now covered the dead bird.

Problem solved.

Then there was the day (last week) when I brought a truckload of things not being taken to the retirement community back to my house. Well, technically only a small portion went to my house. The rest went to the storage shed.

Hey, it was either the storage shed or the garbage truck. So I opted for the shed. For now.


holly at lake 003As I was having things unloaded into the shed … there were birds … buzzards actually … ten or twelve buzzards … circling overhead.

I’m sure it didn’t mean anything. At least I’m pretty sure.

And could I get them together for a nice group shot?

This is me we are talking about. This was the most I could get in one picture.

So after unloading the rest of the items, and returning the truck, and thanking the heavens above that the unloading was done … except for my car which was still at my parents now empty house … two hours away … I decided to come home and relax.

Actually my dear friend Linda gave me a ride home. And I got a snack and collapsed on the couch in the front room. You remember the front room, right? The one that had introduced me to the Stupidest Bird Ever?

Yeah. Well.

Sitting in the couch … talking to Linda … thanking her for the ride and all … looking out the window … I happened to look down … in the corner … on the floor.

DSCN0209Yep. It is.

A dead bird.

On the floor. In the front room. Right beside where I was sitting.

Until I jumped directly up out of the sitting position to a standing position.

“Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God … YUCK”

Now don’t quote me on that, but I think that’s pretty close to what came out of my mouth when I looked down.

Yes I got rid of it.

No I haven’t heard any Cardinals.

Yes I plan to get better locks for the windows which blew open.

No I don’t think it was the Stupidest Bird Ever.

Maybe his cousin … the Unluckiest Bird Ever.